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Oaiii&Oaiii will release new song!

  Now,Shimji is in the Mastering Studio to work on Oaiii’s first new song. Shimji said Oaiii will open thier song in every month one by one and June 16th will be the first day that fans can get thier song through the music websites! Only one week left! Can’t wait to listen it! Brand New Oaiii&Oaiii on...

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Band Pia; Resurrection After Party

Today, there was Resurrection After Party at Gogos2 in Hong-dae! Yohan’s project group DG305 were on the show too. Yohan participated in DG 305 as a vocal and the Designer of Ressurrection, Joo-young Lee, was on guitar. [Set list] Urban Explorer-Black Fish Swim-Soyoungdolee-Yes you are This Video is So-Young-Dol-EE! Let’s check it...

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Pia sings the sound of Korean soul, ‘Arirang’

“Arirang” (Korean: “아리랑”) is a Korean folk song, often considered the unofficial national anthem of Korea. In December 2012, the song was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity program by UNESCO. For the Korean Traditional Anniversary ‘Chuseok’, KBS1 TV consisted Special Program ‘Arirang Daegongyeon’ (Korean: ‘아리랑 대공연’, English translation:...

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Pia New Signature Towel, Name ‘O’

[O] I want you 오직 원한건 널 안는 것 All I want is to hold you. I wanna hold you 너를 처음 보았던 어느 여름날 That one summer day when I saw you for the first time 마치 전쟁 몰아친 머린 멈춰 버렸지 my thoughts stopped and my mind was caught up in a war 쏟아지는 햇살보다 더 눈부시던 너 You shined brighter than the pouring sun 난 얼어버린 채 너의 오로라에 빠져들었지 I froze and...

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