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Band Pia, Recharging and a long coma is over.

Band Pia “Recharging and a long coma is over… Come back to the stage of communication again” Championship spotlight last year at ‘TOP Band 2’ It is safe to say that ‘PIA’(Yohan Ok vocal 38, Hullang Guitar 37, Kibum Base 38, Simz fx 33, Hyeseung Drum 32) was the hottest band in local musical world last year. At which is a KBS band contest program and numerous existing bands participated, PIA received a spotlight as it defeated all...

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[Article] Band Pia Big Changes

KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) ‘Band Survival TOP Band 2’ Winner Band Pia releases new song. Pia shows their one step forward musical spectrum through the new song ‘To My Spring’ which is released at noon on March 19th. Win-Won Entertainment says ‘To My Spring’ shows Pia’s effort to create their new sound except which had been their trademarks-aggressive sound and heartbeat beat and strong vocal. ‘To my spring’ is the result...

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[news] BIFF You Are Released!

Pia participated in promoting the Busan International Film Festival by bringing us a new music video! It’s a humorous version of the Yes You Are M/V with the members reenacting scenes from big name Korean films. Check it out here:

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[Radio][Short Episode]윤도현의 2시의 데이트

[A Short Episode from ‘The date with YOON DOHYUN at 2o’clock’] YOON: Somebody give a comment to your friends who live in Bussan. Your friends might listen to the radio. HULLANG: Perhaps. YOHAN: HULLANG, to your friends. YOON: Yes, except four letter words. HULLANG: Actually, friends of mine…they don’t know what I’ve been doing in Seoul. PIA: hahahaha~ HULLANG: (They ask me) you are in Seoul nowadays? So I said, yes,...

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[Radio] Arirang Sound K

[Materials from ‘SooJin Koo’ from Korea] – Broadcated on Dec.6th DJ Sian: Say hello to ‘Sound K’ listener! KIBUM, HULLANG, SIMZ: Hi, nice to meet you. DJ Sian: I heard the tickets! Your concert tickets are all sold out within 3 mins! How do you feel about that? SIMZ: Feel so good. I feel like I’m on cloud nine! We’re preparing to blow the roof of concert on that day. We try to meet their anticipation. DJ Sian: What is...

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[Radio] YOJO’s hidden track

Broadcasted on Nov.30.12 YOJO: Could you explain about the meaning of PIA? YOHAN: PIA is Chinese character You PI and Me A. so it means You&I, Us and Universe. YOJO: It contains quite serious meanings. PIA is organized in 1998 in Bussan. Is it right? KIBUM: YOHAN on vocal, HULLANG on guitar and I were from Bussan. We came to Seoul in 2000, and met SIMZ who didn’t come today and HYE SEUNG. Now, PIA has been continuing band for over 10...

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