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[Album] Single ‘St.Lilac’

BAND PIA Made Another Evolution by Releasing an Electronic Remix BAND PIA Issued the First Standard Electronic Album after Its Debut PIA, the top rock band in Korea, tries its transformation by releasing a standard electronic music for the first time since it made its debut. On April 25, PIA releases St.LILAC digital remix single album. In this single album, with new sense and style, PIA regenerated ‘Yes you are’ and...

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[Album] Single ‘From This Black Day’

BAND PIA made 2012 Online game ‘Ma Gye Chon’ O.S.T The title is ‘From This Black Day’. The song is started with vocal’s desperately toned-downed voice and peculiar synth sound. Pia’s characteristic development captivates listeners’ ears. Attractive refrain is other noticeable point to look at. The drum sound heats listeners’ heart and the guitar sound lead all the song flows. It’s quite impressive the lyrics ‘Let the wind...

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[Album]The 2nd EP “Make my day”

Hey, guys! This is Baby Gee! Finally, the 2nd EP Album was released on Christmas day! I got this before the concert started and I listened to it right after I came back home! The first track ‘Make my day’ is upbeat song. They composed this song as a present for the fans that always support them with so much love. They leave a massage to the fans; Thanks to all our fans. I guess this thanks massage is written by YOHAN because he loves to use...

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[Posted on December 23rd at 7:25PM] Important “Check it” news! The EP album which will be released tomorrow will not be sold on regular online shops. You can buy it on “Interpark”, “11th Avenue”, “Oction”, “yes24″, and “G Market”! Also, it’s only available for purchase offline at the concert hall. [Posted on December 23rd at 7:29PM] More important “Check...

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[Release] New Single “MAKE MY DAY”

TOP BAND 2 WINNER PIA to release new single (second EP album) “MAKE MY DAY” PIA thanks their fans by releasing a second EP. They offer new single album “MAKE MY DAY” to the fans who supported them to be won at TOP BAND 2 which was broadcast on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)2 TV. This single album is made up of four re-recorded songs – Pipe Boy from their second album 3rd Phase, Black or white by Michael Jackson,...

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