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[Lyrics][EP][Urban Explorer]Urban Explorer

[난 날 수 없는 날개를 가진 철부지 내게 내일 따윈 없지] I’m the indiscreet who has the wings but can’t fly. There’s no tomorrow for me. [하지만 날 가둔 이 순간 네게 난 너무 치명적이지] But in this moment confine myself. For you, I’m so fatal. You need to think about how to live in this country. What do you think? We’re urban explorer. [넌 알 수 없는 말의 거짓말쟁이 네게...

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[Review]PIA 2012 YES WE ARE Concert

2012 YES WE ARE Concert in Seoul! The concert was held at ‘KT&G Sangsangmadang Live Hall’ in Dec. 30-31th. [The Poster] [The Concert Hall] Before the concert starts! Short episode for here; Baby Gee usually check where the drum is-If I can see drummer then I can see all the members because drums are usually at the back.- and than I set where I’ll stand but that day I don’t know why I didn’t check it. I was so busy to keep all my...

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[Review]PIA 2012 Christmas Concert

[Reference; ZURIEL★(from Dae-gu, Korea)’s ‘Merry christmas with PIA ^^ ♥’] Christmas concert in Bussan! I was so exited while I was going to Bussan because I couldn’t see them for a long time. Actually, it was only a month and a half but I felt that so much time was passed. [The Poster] [The Concert Hall] An Entrance; The OZ hall was a bit hard to find for me. So I hung around more than 30 minutes and finally I got taxi...

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[Album]The 2nd EP “Make my day”

Hey, guys! This is Baby Gee! Finally, the 2nd EP Album was released on Christmas day! I got this before the concert started and I listened to it right after I came back home! The first track ‘Make my day’ is upbeat song. They composed this song as a present for the fans that always support them with so much love. They leave a massage to the fans; Thanks to all our fans. I guess this thanks massage is written by YOHAN because he loves to use...

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[Radio][Short Episode]윤도현의 2시의 데이트

[A Short Episode from ‘The date with YOON DOHYUN at 2o’clock’] YOON: Somebody give a comment to your friends who live in Bussan. Your friends might listen to the radio. HULLANG: Perhaps. YOHAN: HULLANG, to your friends. YOON: Yes, except four letter words. HULLANG: Actually, friends of mine…they don’t know what I’ve been doing in Seoul. PIA: hahahaha~ HULLANG: (They ask me) you are in Seoul nowadays? So I said, yes,...

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