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[Interview] DC Gallery (Yohan, Hyeseung)

[Yohan] -Yohan, are you really computer illiterate person? Yohan: hahaha No, I’m not. Just normal I think. – Most part of your facebook is your cat, Shikhae. What is Shikhae’s attraction? Yohan: Shikhae has fainthearted. If my friends visit my home, Shickhae never comes out even skips meals. Shikhae is very sensitive but as much as sensitive Shikhae depends on me. If I didn’t go back home few days and I came back, Shikhae scolds me...

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[Album] 5th Studio Album ‘PENTAGRAM’

Band Pia, 5th Studio Album ‘PENTAGRAM’ [Album Introduction] Korean top rock band Pia released 5th Studio Album after three years later then they had released mini album ‘Urban Explorer’ in 2008. ‘PENTAGRAM’ is mentioned often when explained about Golden Ratio. In this album, ‘PENTAGRAM’ means 5 members; Yohan (Vocal), Hullang (Guitar), Kibum (Base), Hyeseung (Drum) and Simz (FX). And it also means five member’s perfect balance...

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[Album] 2nd Studio Album ‘3rd Phase’

PIA released their 2nd studio album ‘3rd Phase’ on Aug. 8th 2003 [Album Introduction: Translated by Sharon Choi] The world and I, you and I.. In the boundary between the coexistence and detachment of things that face each other, Pia has gushed out pain. Now August 2003, they reveal themselves again with a richer sensitivity and a stronger sound. The new album Pia has spent two and a half years producing expresses their aim to find a new...

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