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Oaiii&Oaiii will release new song!

  Now,Shimji is in the Mastering Studio to work on Oaiii’s first new song. Shimji said Oaiii will open thier song in every month one by one and June 16th will be the first day that fans can get thier song through the music websites! Only one week left! Can’t wait to listen it! Brand New Oaiii&Oaiii on...

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IMPORTANT! State of the site

Hello ^ ^ This is Fai. You might have noticed the severe lack of info, updates and news.. actually, we haven’t updated since earlier this year or so from what I can remember. We have been inactive enough for our readers to wonder if the site is dead or if we’ve given up. I want to clarify by saying we have NOT given up on the site. All of the site’s admins are busy with our lives, but Pia definitely remains a big part of...

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