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[Translated by Sharon Choi]

– Do you think Pia would have continued if someone else other than this five were in the band?
Pia: No, Pia would have disbanded.

– Do you guys fit together well?
Simz: It’s not really that we fit together well. I think now since so much time has passed we’ve ultimately overcome all problems. And we were already friends before starting the band so now we really have to think of each other as family. I mean, just because you don’t like a family member or he did something wrong, it doesn’t mean he isn’t family. (laughs)

– Was there a time when you guys thought of disbanding?
Simz: I don’t know… I’ve never thought about it…
Yohan: We have fought though.
Kibum: It is true that in Korea even if you produce a good album it’s difficult to promote it extensively with a variety of shows. So in times when we tried hard to make an album and felt confident about it only to see it completely ignored by the media and hear friends asking why we aren’t touring, I sometimes wonder whether I should continue doing music.

– If you were given the chance to go back to the band’s early days, is there anything you would do differently?
Kibum: I’m pretty satisfied with the way things are now, so not really.
Simz: Me too. Even if I could go back, I would probably do the same thing and make similar choices.
Hullang: I would probably be in a boat. (laughs)
Yohan: I would drink less and put myself in a strict set of mind by courageously quitting smoking.
Hyeseung: I would early on start forcing Yohan to practice singing harder. Hahaha.

– Although Pia has been making music for more than ten years now, therearen’t any songs popular to the general public. Do you guys have any intention to make songs for the general public?
Simz: We’ve actually been making music thinking they’d be popular to the public.
Pia: Hahaha
Yohan: I think ‘Monkey’ was the most public-friendly song.
Simz: That’s why we always think ‘Oh, we’re really dark’ (laughs) every time we put out an album.
Yohan: For every album we try to think harder about it, but we still have a lot of things to work on. We’re trying.

– Someone asked if Pia could make songs with more distinct guitar solos or bass lines.
Simz: All of us don’t really like such songs.
Kibum: No. I like them but you all told me not to make songs like that.
Pia: Hahaha

– Who? (laughs)
Simz: I think Kibum likes such songs. Whenever he tries to include them we go ‘Don’t!’ (laughs)
Yohan: That’s kind of true. He’s good at making solo riffs. Bass is fine. But the guitar…
Simz: Actually Kibum tries to make solos and we try not to, and for the guitar, we tell him to do solos but he tries not to. Hahaha. We like guitar solos.

– Have you ever considered creating an album just for listening and not for playing at gigs?
Yohan: Um… That’s a very important question, and I want to do it. And I want to make the album very soft so people can listen to it while falling asleep. You’re talking about comfortable music, right?
Simz: We may be better at that. It’s not as if we haven’t made songs like that. We do have a couple of quiet songs. They’re included in the EP and our recent single, so making an album like that wouldn’t be a problem. Such music actually does go well with our band. The only problem is playing songs like that live… It’s really hard to figure out how. That’s the only reason. We’re always ready.

– Does that sort of explain why the band’s musical style has softened a lot from the first album to the fifth?
Yohan: There were changes in time and we didn’t deliberately try to change our music style. You just can’t create a new album that’s similar to the previous one. Our own music tastes have changed too.. I think it just happened naturally.

– Some people have pointed out that Pia doesn’t have a clear musical style because it has changed constantly. What do you guys think about such comments?
Simz: To be honest, it’s quite simple putting out an album. We make the music we like, music that we want to write and hear at that time. That’s all. If the listeners think that way, then that’s right. And they can just keep thinking that way. They can diss us for changing, or like us if they feel like it. We’re just going make our music, and the listeners can think whatever they want to think.
Yohan: There are bands that maintain a consistent music style but not all bands are like that. Styles can change for every album. We’re in the latter group and that’s all.

– Despite the changes is musical style, there are fans who’ve supported Pia for ten years. What do you think is the reason?
Simz: I think there are several reasons. I mean it’s kind of touching actually.

-Hahaha. Why?
Simz: As you must know, it’s really difficult being in a band. In reality, being in a relationship is hard. It’s difficult to balance the opinions of just two people, so trying to balance the opinions of five guys and being together for this long is no easy job. We haven’t had a single member change and we weren’t always loved like this. Even when we were really in a tough place… I mean, there were those moments. It’s just so touching. I think they love all those things.

– If you could define Pia as a color?
Pia: (pondering)
Hyeseung: White? When all the lights come together, they become white.
Simz, Yohan: Isn’t it black? Hahaha.
Hyeseung: That’s for colors. For lights it’s white.
Yohan: Woah~ That’s cool.

* It’s provided by Sharon Choi. Please ask permission before reproducing.

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