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[Album] Single ‘From This Black Day’

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BAND PIA made 2012 Online game ‘Ma Gye Chon’ O.S.T

The title is ‘From This Black Day’. The song is started with vocal’s desperately toned-downed voice and peculiar synth sound. Pia’s characteristic development captivates listeners’ ears. Attractive refrain is other noticeable point to look at. The drum sound heats listeners’ heart and the guitar sound lead all the song flows.

It’s quite impressive the lyrics ‘Let the wind carry us away’. Because it says the will that they want to overcome hopelessness world which is getting more desperately misfortune.

Band Pia has been played an active part in Korea. They are as top rock band they introduce powerful individuality cross rock and electronic music to music fans. They even create new genre by showing new style songs.

1.From This Black Day (Words by Yohan/ Music by Kibum/ Arranged by Pia)
2.From This Black Day (Inst.)

[Lyrics; From This Black Day]
I walk through this town like I was alone.
It’s been so long since I had someone I could hold.
Why did I stay somewhere I don’t belong? I don’t know.
No more pretending. Let the wind carry us away.
Now I know that.

I’ll find a way to escape tonight.
And I’ll fly away from this black day tonight.
I’ll fly away from this black day.

I saw you in darkness but I’m not afraid.
This is our last chance to dance on fire together.
We’ll raise ourselves up and burn like stars till we die.
No more pretending. Let the wind carry us away.


I’ll fly away fly away fly away fly away fly away from this black day tonight.

Let the wind ‘carry us’ away
To a place…far away…to a place…we can stay…

kuz we won’t do that again
Lost in darkness and our pain
I won’t let you go.
Wherever you are whatever you do.



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