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[Album] 2nd Studio Album ‘3rd Phase’

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PIA released their 2nd studio album ‘3rd Phase’ on Aug. 8th 2003

[Album Introduction: Translated by Sharon Choi]
The world and I, you and I.. In the boundary between the coexistence and detachment of things that face each other, Pia has gushed out pain. Now August 2003, they reveal themselves again with a richer sensitivity and a stronger sound.

The new album Pia has spent two and a half years producing expresses their aim to find a new alternative without heading towards the extreme, and the title “3rd Phase” reflects such a change.

All the songs listed in the album are a confession uttered by an individual. It is about us, isolated and stuck behind. The hostile and detached attitude towards others has been internalized and in that sense, this album is about self-realization and reflection, and attempts a new form of Rock that is not conventional or extreme.

Pia is consisted of five members: Yohan (Vocal), Hullang (Guitar), Kibum (Bass), Simz (FX), and Hyeseung (Drum & cut).

Formed in 1998, Pia has actively toured around clubs and rock festivals, and has established their own unique stand in the aggressive Korean underground hardcore rock scene and cultivated a cult following. Their first album “Arrogant Empire” released in March 2001 spitted out in chunks the condensed rage of the alienated and the weak, and this intense and straightforward album impressed fans and critics alike and brought on a huge shift.

Pia joined Seotaiji Company’s Geosoo Indigene after the 2002 ETP Festival and now two and a half years later, Pia sends out their message with their new album “3rd Phase”.

This album is comprised of 11 songs that were all written together by the band, and Yohan, who wrote all the words, pours out the alienated self through his rough and heavy voice. The rage toward ‘the other’ they maniacally spitted out in their previous album has now shifted to the despair and sadness one feels at one’s heart and even to hope and will, intensifying the depth and density of the album.

Pia is the only Korean band with an FX, and Simz’ scratching and sampling is incorporated naturally in the album, a strength and appeal that can only be seen in Pia’s work. To add, Hyeseung’s powerful and stable drumming, Kibum’s harmonizing and leading bass playing, and Hullang’s straightforward speedy guitar playing all gather together to create an enormous energy that can be seen in their live shows.

The song “Gloomy Sunday” is the title track and considered to be the most well made song in the album.

When listening to Gloomy Sunday”, a song that most dramatically illustrates the change in how Pia expresses rage and despair, we feel as if we can picture the mysterious original song paying throughout 1935 Budapest on a sad Sunday. It is an experimental song that incorporates innovative playing techniques and lyrical tone.

Aside from the title track, songs that were written relatively early such as “Triangle” and “Soyongdolee” contain unrelenting rapping and shouting, and are powerful songs that hint the change Pia will pursue in mastering their maniacal rage. Other songs such as “Where I [m]”. “Yungdan”, and “Kick Flip” convey Pia’s conviction to head towards their path without being swayed by their inner pain or other people’s interventions, and show how strong Pia’s identity has become.

Moreover, the heaviest track listed in the album “Cause (can’t resist)” and the intensely rhythmic song “Recycle Joe” fit to be heard live carry on Pia’s hardcore legacy of their first album. Songs such as “Yurituk” that portrays the helpless and weak self, “Pipe Boy” that illustrates the emptiness and sluggish flow of modern times, and “Green Rivers” that contains elements of alternative rock provide a new feeling to their music that still contain the band’s mood.

This album was written, played, recorded, engineered, and produced all by Pia throughout a long period of time at Seotaiji Company’s G.I Studio 1, optimized for recording rock music. Its sound quality was enhanced by Hironori Sata’s mixing and masterful engineer Kitamura’s mastering, both who visited Korea to work with Pia.
Also, through the help and advice of Seotaiji, the executive producer of this album, listeners will be able to hear a quality of sound that is not behind.

Pia’s howling never ends. Rather in “3rd Phase”, their fearless rage-filled wails from before are replaced with Pia’s newly developed unyielding and firm identity.

1. 소용돌이 (Soyongdolee) Music by SimZ, Hullang
2. 융단 (Yungdan) Music by SimZ, Hyeseung
3. Gloomy Sunday Music by Kibum
4. Where I [m] Music by Hyeseung
5. Cause (Can`t Resist) Music by Hullang
6. 유리턱 (Yurituk) Music by Kibum
7. Pipe Boy Music by Kibum
8. Recycle Joe Music by SimZ
9. Kick Flip Lyrics by Yohan, Uhyeong Music by Kibum
10. Green Rivers Music by SimZ
11. Triangle Music by SimZ

All Lyrics by Yohan except ‘Kick Flip’
All songs are arranged by PIA

[Lyrics: Gloomy Sunday]
그날, 또 저무는 햇살에 떠오른 차갑게 숨쉬는 네 미소
That day, I came up with your icy breath smile because of the sundown.
날 흔들고 지치게 한 건 니 생각과 또 그 상념과 또 혼돈
What made me stir and fatigue is thinking about you and chaos.
다시 외로운 거리에 홀로된 버려진 우울한 사람들 속에서 너 혼자 남아 슬퍼 울지마
Don’t cry alone among the gloomy trashed people on the lonely street.
나 같이 떠나 그곳으로
Let’s leave together from here to there.

제발 이제 그 날을 슬퍼 말아줘 이제 다시 함께해 우리 영원히
Please, stop feeling sad about that day. Let’s stay here together from now on…forever.
제발 이제 그 날을 슬퍼 말아줘 이제 다시 함께해 우리 영원히
Please, stop feeling sad about that day. Let’s stay here together from now on…forever.

그땐, 이미 아름다운 거리의 밤이 조용히 사라진 후였어
That moment, the night of beautiful street had already gone silently.
그건 여리고 흐트러진 내 상처와 또 그 아픔과도 같아
That’s same like my scar and sorrow which is weak and scattered.
이제 의미 없는 웃음에 물든 도시와 사람들을 떠나 나 슬픔을 접을 때
It’s time to remove sorrow by leaving this city and people stained by meaningless laugh.
기억해줘 저 하늘 그 곳에서
Please, remember me at the sky where you are.


깊은 슬픔, 그날의 초대 이제 내 손을 잡아. 내 손을 잡아
Deep sorrow, Invitation of that day…Now, hold my hand. Hold my hand.
이제 다시 함께해
Let’s stay together from now on.


우리 영원히 우리 영원히 우리 영원히 나 약속해
Now and forever, Now and forever, Now and forever I promise.


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