[Interview] DC Gallery (Yohan, Hyeseung)

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-Yohan, are you really computer illiterate person?
Yohan: hahaha No, I’m not. Just normal I think.

– Most part of your facebook is your cat, Shikhae. What is Shikhae’s attraction?
Yohan: Shikhae has fainthearted. If my friends visit my home, Shickhae never comes out even skips meals. Shikhae is very sensitive but as much as sensitive Shikhae depends on me. If I didn’t go back home few days and I came back, Shikhae scolds me by showing teeth and twists body. Cute (Laugh)

– If Shikhae become a human and says ‘would you marry me?’ then are you going to marry with Shikhae?
Yohan: Shikhae is male. Hahaha~ Not going to marry with him.

– You seem like…you really like movies and books. Those literary points made you think you want to do music?
Yohan: I remember. I was kind of freak when I was a student. I like to listen to the music alone so there was head set in my ears always. When I hear powerful music the absorption had been increasing and felt exited and I felt like I’m getting stronger.
I also liked to watch movie at that moment. After classes over I lent 3-4 video tapes and watched those so it was a lot actually. Books…honestly I didn’t like to read a book at that time but I read a lot in army. It’s the only thing that I proud of.

– You always sing with slanting pose. Don’t you have scoliosis?
Pia: hahaha
Yohan: It just became like that by chance. I don’t know why. I think I just twist my body because I want to dance but I’m not good at it and lean my body on stand micro phone but I feel like I need to stir my body…hahaha

– Your waist is okay then?
Yohan: It became bad because I set down in front of computer a lot to do work. That’s why I swim hard nowadays.

– There are lots of questions about ‘Introspective personality’ but I can’t feel about those.
Hyeseung: It was worse when I was young but I became active as I started drum.

– I see. Is there some other things you tried to overcome it?
Hyeseung: Just try to talk with people who I don’t know well when I drink.

– Oh! This question is funny. Honestly, you still feel tired because other members don’t listen to you?
Hyeseung: They are fine nowadays. They are doing well by themselves. (Laugh)

– You did art actually?
Hyeseung: Yes. I learned art from my father when I was young I wanted to be an animation director. But I like music since I was young.

– How did you start drum?
Hyeseung: When I started school band I’d learned drum by myself and…after I set my goal as entering Seoul Institute of the Arts, I buckle to it.

– Do you think talent is prior then effort in the arts areas?
Hyeseung: It’s a bit sad true but I think music needs to be talented a little bit. I can see some people who can’t make it even though they really work on it hard. But less talented and much effort person is better than the person who talented but don’t give an effort.

– Can you measure the ratio of talent and effort?
Hyeseung: Um…about…talent 6 and effort 4?

– I heard that you made your cap and T-shirts by yourself. Do you have any idea to sell those?
Hyeseung: T-shirts will fail but Caps will be a bit okay I think. (Laugh)

– What’s the meaning of cap for you?
Hyeseung: Hair style? Hahaha


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