[Interview] Evans Drum Endorser Hyeseung Interview

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Hyeseung with Evans Snare head G1

[Band Pia]
Yohan (Yohan Ok, Vocal, Dec. 27th 1975)
Hullang (Jaeoung Lee, Guitar, Jun. 16th 1976)
Kibum (Kibum Kim, Base, Dec. 24th 1975)
SimZ (Shimji Nho, F.X, Apr. 16th 1980)
Hyeseung (Hyeseung Yang, Drum, Jun. 21st 1981)

Indies Album
《Pia@Arrogantempire.xxx》 Mar. 2001

Major Album
《3rd Phase》 Aug. 8th 2003
《Become Clear》 May 31st 2005
《Waterfalls》 Jun. 13th 2007
《Pentagram》 Sep. 6th 2011

《Urban Explorer》 Jul. 17th 2008
《Make My Day》 Dec. 24th 2012

Digital single
《We Never Go Alone》 May 17th 2010
《Sonyeon》 Jul. 28th 2011
《B.E.C.K》 Aug. 18th 2011
《St. LILAC》 Apr. 25th 2012

Compilation Album
《Indie Power 1999》 – 1999 (Track 5 : Jalmotduen Manam)
《Indie Power 2001》 – 2001 (Track 3 : Malhaejuo)
《HardCore 2001》 – 2001 (Track 9: Triangle)
《Reds, Go Together》 – 2006 (Track 12: Red Devils)
《DJMAX Rock Tunes》 – 2010 (Track 5: Become Myself)

[Drum session]

Taiji Seo 8th Album ‘ATOMOS’

Hyunjoong Kim ‘Save today’ in 1st Japanese Album ‘Your Story’
(The person in Music Video is not Hyeseung.)

[Evans Drum Head Endorser: Band Pia Drummer Hyeseung Interview]
Q. What are you doing nowadays?
– performing, drinking alcohol, going on a diet and working out… (Laugh)

Q. When did you start to play drum?
– The first moment I accessed to drum was when I was 3rd grade in middle school and I started to play drum when I was 1st grade in high school as I had joined school band.

Q. What song is your most favorite song among the Pia songs?
– Soyoungdolee because people enjoy that song the most dangerously so I feel so fun when I play Soyoungdolee. (Laugh)

Q. Who’s your favorite musician…Or drummer?
– Chad Sexton(311), Adrian Young(Nodoubt)

Q. You became an Evans endorser recently. Have you ever used Evans product before you became an endorser? And what do you think about it?
– I’d never used it before so I’m going to use it this time very well. Evans is famous brand already so there’s nothing I want to comment about it. I’m really satisfied with it.

Q. Do you have something you want to recommend among the evans products you use?
– Snare Head G1

Q. What are you going to do? And please give advice to the people who are dreaming a drummer.
– I’m going to do concert and during summer season Band Pia will participate in various summer festivals. Drum doesn’t belong to special genre so practice many kinds of song. It’ll help to learn how to flow rhythm. Listen to lots of the music too.

[Evans drum head Hyeseung uses]
Tom head Evans EC2S
Snare head Evans B14G1RD
Snare head Evans B14G1 CTD
Snare head Evans SB14MHG (Hybrid)
Base head Evans EMAD SYSTEM PACK

[Reference] http://www.rockers.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=notice&wr_id=22


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