[Article] Band Pia Big Changes

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KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) ‘Band Survival TOP Band 2’ Winner Band Pia releases new song.

Pia shows their one step forward musical spectrum through the new song ‘To My Spring’ which is released at noon on March 19th. Win-Won Entertainment says ‘To My Spring’ shows Pia’s effort to create their new sound except which had been their trademarks-aggressive sound and heartbeat beat and strong vocal. ‘To my spring’ is the result of the Pia’s own warm sync sound and sharp drum beat so it leads the song could sound more dramatic and lyrical.
Pia has been singing about emptiness, anger, anxiety and hope of in the middle of the youth through the 5th Studio Album ‘PENTAGRAM’ released on 2011. But this time at ‘To My Spring’, Pia contemplate youth in the one step distance.
Pia explains about ‘To My Spring’ lyrics as ‘We see the future with hopeful mind but that hope is still very inaccurate and unclear. But anyway, ‘Youth’ must dream about another dream for their future.’
And also says ‘This album could be different with fans expectation because Pia always tries new things on every album. Many thinking coexist so Pia’s music has many different and diverse interpretations and meanings. And we think that’s the exceptional thing with other bands music.’

[Reference] http://news.mk.co.kr/v3/view.php?no=206070&year=2013


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