[Interview] 2010 UtoPIA Concert KIBUM Interview

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2010 UtoPIA Concert KIBUM Interview

-Hi, Kibum!
Kibum: Hi

-I’m going to start to ask some personal questions! Are you ready?
Kibum: Yes, I’m ready. Let’s start.

-What is your hobby?
Kibum: My hobby is studying languages.

-Did you start to study foreign languages because Band Pia is going to expend to overseas?
Kibum: Um…not really but I just felt it’s quite fun when I’m studying other languages. I’d learned Japanese for three years and I’ve been learning Chinese around an year. Nihao! Hahaha~

-Right:) How much amount of alcohol do you usually drink? And is there certain kind of alcohol do you prefer?
Kibum: I usually drink a bottle or two bottles of Soju. If there is enough time then I can drink 100 bottles of it! I like So-Mac (Soju+Beer).

[??? kkk- It’s the picture taken after party of Top Band2 Final stage.]

-Then someday I’m going to treat you with no time limit. Who’s your favorite musician?
Kibum: Um, recently I like ‘The HIATUS’. The vocal of band ‘Ellegarden’ make ‘The HIATUS’. Many bassist said they like Flea in ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’, I also I like his base too.

[‘The HIATUS’]

[Bassist Flea in ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’]

-Oh, I must listen to The HIATUS’s song later. What is the most favorite album among the Pia’s albums?
Kibum: The album we released long time ago, we were young so I can’t remember. Haha~ I like two albums we released recently (Urban Explorer, Waterfalls). Personally, I like the song ‘Black Fish Swim’ a lot.

-Did you have the moment to think it was the good choice to do band?
Kibum: When fans tell me ‘you look young’! I’ll never heard that word if I were in the corporate world. Haha~

-Hahaha~ The answer is so like you. If you didn’t do band, what you might do now?
Kibum: I quite like to drive so maybe I might be a parcel deliverer? Haha~ Just kidding! Basically, I like to associate with people so I might be an office worker.

-You did lots of performances during you’ve been doing rock band over 10 years. What was the most memorable performance?
Kibum: We (Pia) performed at Vladivostok in Russia. It was so good because we hadn’t performed like that big country before. And when we performed with Linkin Park at their Asia tour concerts, it was very nice to perform with them. It remains me a good memory.

[Pia with Linkin Park]

-I’ve heard it was fantastic. I feel sad that I couldn’t see it in person. Band Pia was born in Bussan, all the members are from bussan?
Kibum: Not really. At first, we came to Seoul with four people but only three people (Kibum. Youhan and Hullang) have been doing Pia for 10 years.

-How did you meet other members (SimZ and Hyeseung) then?
Kibum: While doing music…I could meet someone who has the same point of musical view so…we just met in some way and…we have been doing music together.

-I remember until Pia’s 3rd Album, Pia’s music was so strong but I feel since 4th album it turned into some tender way. Was there any reason?
Kibum: What I listen to is…I used to listen to hard rock but not nowadays…naturally, what Pia’s music is affected by what we listen so that’s why it sounds like smoother then before.

-Right! What do you think about Indi-band and rock spirit as musician who has been doing band over 10 years?
Kibum: Actually, Indi band’s definition is made by a music critic or listeners. I think there’s no boundary line between Indi music and commercial music. We just do music because we like it. So, we don’t think that is the music for commercial or this is real authentic Indi music.

-Recently, many Indi bands like ‘10cm’, ‘Day Break’, ‘Nori fly’ appeared at music program, Pia also dose. So, what do you think about Indi bands’ popularization?
Kibum: I think Band music’s popularization makes that country’s musical level high so it is positive phenomenon. Of course, I like Idol music but there’s no music diversity nowadays so I hope people can get a chance to know and listen to various kinds of music through many music program.

[Band Pia Bassist Kibum on Top Band2 Final Stage]

-Pia was belonged to Seo Taiji Company, right?
Kibum: Yes, we were.

-Why did Pia choose Seo Taiji Company? And why did Pia move to other company (Win-won Ent.)?
Kibum: We thought we could learn lots of money if we make contract with Seo Taiji Company but it wasn’t so we moved to Win-won Entertainment. Hahaha~ No~ I’m just kidding. Um…at that moment, there were several companies…Among those companies we thought Seo Taiji Company is the best place that we can do our music without any musical interruption so we made a contract with them. And…after the contract finished, we moved out because we want to do music in new situation and with other company.

-What kind of music Pia will do next?
Kibum: It will similar with music we did recently. And nowadays I’m hitting on hard rock so I might compose that kind of song…well…by its extension, it will be similar like what we’ve been doing recently.

-Last question, do you have any piece of advice that you want to tell the people who want to be a musician?
Kibum: I don’t want to say only focus on your band. Korean music industry is not stable and the thinking that wants to do only music can be dangerous and they might regret later about the choice they made. I hope they do music as well as other thing they like. It could be better because if they are genius then it doesn’t matter but it can be not. So I hope they are good at other area not only music.

-Thanks Kibum
Kibum: Thanks too. It was fun. Haha~

How was today’s interview?
Kibum: This ice-cream is so delicious. I did interview very arrogantly Hahaha~ I don’t usually eat ice-cream so it’s been a long time. I think it was delicious interview Hahaha~

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