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Oaiii&Oaiii Party Luv Interview

Posted by on March 25, 2013 in band news, interviews | 0 comments

Oaiii & Oaiii | Electronic Live Duo
-PL: FX Simji and Drummer Hyeseung made electronic live duo ‘Oaiii & Oaiii. What happen to Pia? (Laugh)
Hyeseung: (Laugh) We are doing well in Pia. We started ‘Oaiii & Oaiii’ in early 2009.
Shimji: Actually, it was started for fun. Hyeseung and I like home party. We are belonging to rock band Pia but sometimes we compose other genre songs. Sometimes, we just turned on the music we like and dance that was the beginning of our party. Like in U.S movie…we did house party or private party…gathering at home together and drink and listen to music. And it’s getting bigger so we extend to electronic party scene.

-PL: Only you two do Oaiii & Oaiii, right? Except other Pia members
Shimji: Actually, I tried to do it alone but I felt lonely. DJ is important at party but I considered what else could make party better and more enjoyable. And I came up with drum so I started it with Hyeseung. There are many electronic musician perform with live instrument. I felt it’ll be not lonely and it’ll be good, if I do Oaiii & Oaiii with hyeseung.

-PL: Nowadays Live Set appears in Korea also. DJ with Drum or Keyboard like ‘Idiotape’
Shimji: Idiotape is more like band and we are just for the party.

-PL: Right…what was the first performance?
Shimji: We were belonged to ‘Seo Taiji Company’ and Hyeseung contributed drums to his album. So we are close with Taiji. Someday he held a year-end party at ‘Hyatt Hotel’. He already knew we are doing this so he asked us first. Many fans will be invited this party and he thinks they will like this kind of performance so how about perform at the year-end party. That party was the first performance we did.

-PL: Seo Taiji invited Oaiii & Oaiii! Can you tell me any episode with Seo Taiji?
Shimji: If it means funny story it usually happened at after party of performances or festivals. Um…It’s not funny episode but…He can’t drink alcohol at all but sometimes foreign band’s members give him some so sometimes he drinks it inevitably.

-PL: I found the team name ‘Yeonpil Shimji and Yang’ on the internet. What is related to ‘Oaiii & Oaiii’?
Hyeseung: As you know ‘Shimji’ is his name and ‘Yang’ is my last name. We combined those two words and use ‘‘Yeonpil (Pencil) Shimji (Pencil lead) and Yang’ as team name first and later…getting ‘Y’ at ’Yeonpil Shimji’ and another ‘Y’ from ‘Yang’. It became Y&Y. pronounce ‘Y’ slowly, it sounds like Oaiii & Oaiii~
Shimji: We both have curly hair and I call Hyeseung ‘Sheep (Yang)’. His hair is curly like a sheep. Anyway, another reason that our team name became ‘Oaiii & Oaiii’ is…it’s a bit hard to write in English so we needed another name. We wanted something cute shape when we wrote it. Something…not look like a letter but like an illustration…Oaiii & Oaiii dose seems like warm, doesn’t it?

-PL: Your team name has an interesting story! How many times Oaiii & Oaiii did performance since now?
Shimji: Oaiii & Oaiii party was just 4~5 times. We often invited from other parties but in reality sometimes we got handicap because our performance must need drum. if there is problem to set Drum on the stage then we couldn’t go. So if it’s not our own party, we only could go where drum setting is easy.

-PL: Oaiii & Oaiii Performance Style is ‘DJ & Drum’ so the drum you use at the party is just normal drum?
Hyeseung; Yes, same drum I use at Pia concert. Dose it a bit flashily? It might look a bit different with other drums. (Because Hyeseung use ‘Hyeseung Custom’ from OCDP)

-PL: Hyeseung defined Oaiii & Oaiii is ‘Death Metal Electro Duo’. I saw it on your mini home page.
Shimji: It’s Achasan Death Metal’ (Laugh) because we were raised under Acha Mountain.
Hyeseung: We were friend since we were young. We don’t live at Acha Mountain any more but we were raised by Acha Mountain’s energy. (Laugh)
Shimji: Actually the definition of our team doesn’t mean anything because for Oaiii & Oaiii, genre doesn’t mean anything. There’s many cross-over music nowadays.

-PL: Then we can tell ‘It’s the diverse music Achasan raised members do’. (Laugh) May I ask about other things? What’s going on Pia nowadays?
Hyeseung: Last album is released on 2008. Nowadays…composing songs and performing.
Shimji: There’s nothing special things to say because people like us listen to music and work on it every day. There’s nothing special things happened to Pia recently. Personally, I have been working on Pia, Oaiii & Oaiii and personal tasks so the day goes by so quickly

-PL: Do you go to party often?
Shimji: Not often but…if my favorite artist comes to Korea then I go. Recently, I went to ‘Basement Jaxx’, Daish Dance’ concert when they visited Korea. Last year, I went to ‘Global Gathering Korea’. We like the artists whom ordinary people like…like ‘Chemical Brothers’, ‘FPM’ and so on.
Hyeseung: My favorite artists are similar who Shimji likes. ‘Fatboy slim’, ‘Infected mushroom’, ‘Prodigy’…

-PL: Listen to diverse kinds of genre?!
Shimji: I like all the dance music make me dance. I like Idiotape among the Korean artists. I met them at Global Gathering Korea, they were wonderful. Actually, we are close with Idiotape members and we use same studio. Especially, we are close with drummer DR. We are given information from him about club scene and electronic music scene.

-PL: Oaiii & Oaiii performance style (DJ with Drum) is same with Idiotape.
Shimji: Idiotape sound is more deep and ours are cute and light?

-PL: Idiotape DGuru says he considered a lot how to combine drum sound with DJing. How about Oaiii & Oaiii?
Shimji: Yes, they are considering about it a lot. But we think ‘Let’s play fun!’ so we don’t worry about it. Actually, I just let everything about drum to Hyeseung.
Hyeseung: We don’t set everything on its way perfectly. I know the songs so I just wing it with Shimji’s DJing.

-PL: Half settled and half ad lib?
Hyeseung: 7 to 3 maybe (Laugh)
Shimji: And half Oaiii & Oaiii song and half other musician’s songs when we perform as Oaiii & Oaiii.
Hyeseung: Our songs are like disco but somewhat dulcet maybe? We do danceable and exciting music and something easy to add drum.
Shimji: At first, I thought every DJ turned the music what they made. (Laugh) I don’t mean that’s bad. In our case, we use the music we made so someday if I feel, it’s good enough to release then we want to make album.

-PL: Let’s talk about old story. How did you start to music?
Shimji: My parents and hyeseung’s parents were already so closed before we were born. My parents and Hyeseung’s parents already knew each other and our relatives had a relationship too. When I was young Hyeseung’s mother introduced me to Hyeseung because he was a bit introvert and I was funny naughty boy. Nowadays Pia bassist kibum’s gag is the best so I can’t appeal to it. (Laugh) Anyway, I met Hyeseung through his mom and we became friends. His father is a painter and His sister also and Hyeseung is also good at painting so I thought he’ll be a painter too but he became a drummer when I met him again. (Laugh)
Hyeseung: We hadn’t connected with each other for a while. When he contacted to me I was playing drum. (Laugh) I started drum when I was middle school student. I played guitar and drum. I’ve done DJ Scratching with Hip-Hop music.
Shimji: He learned DJing to me and now he’s better than me.

-PL: How did you join to Pia?
Hyeseung: When Shimji contacted to me, he was already belonged to Pia. He lured me. ‘Let’s do it together!’

-PL: And it’s been over 10 years passed from when you joined rock band Pia.
Shimji: We are in rock band now but what our favorite music wasn’t only rock. I think there’s a razor thin line between music genres. I listened to diverse kind of music without any prejudice.
Hyeseung: I liked ‘Madonna’, ‘New Kids on the Block’, ‘U2′ and ‘Michael Jackson’ since I was young. When Michael Jackson passed away, we were in Japan for the performance. Shimji got shock and very mourned.
Shimji: I was so sad because of the fact that my favorite musician passed away.

-PL: I thought you might listen to rock music usually but it wasn’t.
Shimji: As I said before I like any kind of music. Dance, Electronica…or other musics…I have been showing rock music through Pia but I wanted to show other kinds of music too. I actually did other genre music too. I said I added drum because I felt lonely but actually I really like drum and I respect Hyeseung as musician. Only DJing could be boring so I stand Hyeseung front. (Laugh) DJ with Drum is not popular and many in Korea but it does in U.S. Do you know ‘DJ AM’? He is appeared at commercial ‘Superbowl’. He and ‘Travis Barker’ in band ‘Blink’ help party as duo. I saw them in the video and they were crazy about music at the party. We affected by their party. Hyeseung really likes ‘Travis Barker’.
Hyeseung: ‘Travis Barker’ is the most famous drummer in the world. Next to ‘Tommy Lee’ in ‘Motley Crue’
Shimji: They were doing various kinds of songs. We can’t see them anymore because ‘DJ AM’ passed away unfortunately. We are affected by them and we set the direction of Oaiii & Oaiii party through them.

-PL: Is there anything to be desired while you are going to and doing party?
Shimji: When the music is behind and only sexual desire exists maybe? (Laugh) I didn’t mean that is bad but I feel sad when I feel the music isn’t focused at all.

-PL: Could you tell the plan of Pia and Oaiii & Oaiii?
Hyseung: Pia will take part in many festivals and we are going to go Japan in April. Oaiii & Oaiii will hold a party whenever time allows.
Shimji: I want to perform as Oaiii & Oaiii but it’s a bit hard to find the right place to set drum. But I’ll try to hold a party frequently.

-PL: Is there any possibility new members will be joined?
Shimji: Even though it’s Oaiii & Oaiii party, we do collaboration with other artists. We make Oaiii & Oaiii because we enjoy it so I don’t want to get stress from getting new members or making music with people who I don’t want to work with. Nowadays, we do the party with ‘Jaewon’ in ‘Beat Burger’ but it doesn’t mean we’ll get a new member.

-PL: Pia fans come to club party I guess.
Hyeseung: Yes, they are.
Shimji: Sometimes I feel like I want to perform at other place. I’m the biggest fan of Hyeseung sister’s painting and I think her drawing and our music is very well organized. So If I can do, I want to hold a party at the gallery. The first thing I want to do. We are going to perform at ‘Seoul Collection Fashion Show’ on March 26th. It’s different type of performance to us, too. Designer is ‘Jooyoung Lee’. Her clothes are very rough trade and grotesque so we are making those feel like songs.

PL: When Oaiii & Oaiii can release album?
Shimji: We must release album finally. Actually, there was many propose but Pia schedule and Oaiii & Oaiii schedule was crossed and things are changed and grow larger between our origin aim and present. (Laugh) It’s not urgent thing so if we get a good chance then we are going to release album by selecting nice ones.

PL: I saw Oaiii & Oaiii performance video before. It looked really fun and very amusing. I’ll be looking forward to releasing Oaiii & Oaiii album!
Shimji: We do perform fun, that’s right but I hope I’ll be not taken to hospital. (Laugh) Because I stand on the stage as I have drunken. When I’m drunk, music sounds a bit different and I can’t fall into music more deeply. I hope I won’t be taken to somewhere but usually it is end that I’m taken to home by someone. (Laugh)
Hyeseung: We should be stay in normal when we are interviewing because we are used to get drunk. (Laugh)

PL: Is there any massage you want to say for Party users?
Hyeseung: We are team Oaiii & Oaiii made up of DJ and Drum. I hope you also feel amusement like me. It’ll be great, if we enjoy the party together. Please, look forward other great party by us!
Shimji: Check Oaiii & Oaiii news at my mini home page! (

PL: Thanks to interview with us!


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