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Pia participate in New Band Battle Program ‘Band’s Generation’

Posted by on May 1, 2013 in band news, media | 0 comments, Band Battle Program ‘Band’s Generation’ Launching broadcast Band Battle Program ‘Band’s Generation’ at the end of the May.

Many different genres bands will participate in this program. Every episode, six teams do the 1:1 battle (It will be tournament but not sure). They’ll get a mission and they need to choose the song and perform. After performance, the audiences will give a vote and only for that the winner and the loser is determined.

‘Band’s Generation’ will be broadcasted as a new format of ‘Yoondohyun’s MUST’ for 2 months. So Dohyun Yoon keeps host of the show and additionally YB(Yoondohyun Band) will be a new host of this show.

Yohan mention about this program at ‘Rock Spring’. He said “Pia is going to take part in that survival program again. I know many of you guys worry about it but we are ready to rock so please give it up for us and let us win.”

This message is from BANDPIA Official Twitter.
Pia will appear the first episode of MNET’s new program ‘Band’s Generation’. So we are preparing for the first recording which will go on May 6th. Give it up for Pia! And come and watch our performance, if you can come. Details are on Pia’s Official Daum Café and! Check-it!


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