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Pia shacked up M.Net Must ‘Band’s Generation’

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in band news, media | 0 comments

Pia rearranges ‘Hello’ by Yongpil Jo.

Yongpil Jo, he is called as ‘The king of the song’. Korean pop music industry can’t talk about the history of it without this legendary singer songwriter. His song ‘A Red Dragonfly’ had been on chart-topping during 24 weeks. That changed music program rule to ‘A song can stay on chart-topping only for five weeks’. Before he made his debut, American pop was more consumed by people then Korean music. Even People think. It’s hard to make Korean rock sound. But when his first studio album is released, all the music critics got shocked. There are so many legendary stories about Yongpil Jo but I’m going to omit here. Anyway, this year, he released his 19th studio album and it has brought a big sensation.
M.Net ‘Band’s Generation’ first mission was ‘Show your respect to your muse’

[This is Yongpil Jo’s Hello Music video]

Even though Pia lost to ‘Day Break’, fans reaction was so explosive. SimZ thanks to the fans who support and encourage them.
This is message from BANDPIA Twitter-Thanks to give us positive feedback of the show. It’s so worthwhile to rearrange his song as we did careful to do not impair the original song.- Personally, for SimZ, Yongpil Jo went to same high school (Kung-dong high school) and both were belonged same school band.
You can hear the melody you can’t hear at original song because Pia added Yongpil’s another song between their version. The song is ‘Bob Hair’ which is one of the most famous songs and which is being loved by all ages. By adding ‘Bob Hair’ signature melody, it turned into more dramatic and energetic.
Let’s check it out!

If you want MP3 file, leave your e-mail address. It’s not a studio recording version. It is recorded during the show.


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