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[Release] New Single “MAKE MY DAY”

Posted by on December 18, 2012 in band news, releases | 0 comments

TOP BAND 2 WINNER PIA to release new single (second EP album) “MAKE MY DAY”

PIA thanks their fans by releasing a second EP. They offer new single album “MAKE MY DAY” to the fans who supported them to be won at TOP BAND 2 which was broadcast on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)2 TV.
This single album is made up of four re-recorded songs – Pipe Boy from their second album 3rd Phase, Black or white by Michael Jackson, Beat it by Michael Jackson and Ride a bike by guitar by Band Sanulim- which they performed on the TOP BAND 2 program and one new song “MAKE MY DAY”.

The title song “MAKE MY DAY” shows the color of band PIA very well. PIA said, we composed this song for the fans who have been sharing desire and frustration with us during 13 years. We want to tell them, the fans are the only reason why we make songs and every single day with them was the best day.

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