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Pia New Signature Towel, Name ‘O’

Posted by on July 15, 2013 in band news | 0 comments


I want you
오직 원한건 널 안는 것
All I want is to hold you.
I wanna hold you
너를 처음 보았던 어느 여름날
That one summer day when I saw you for the first time
마치 전쟁 몰아친 머린 멈춰 버렸지
my thoughts stopped and my mind was caught up in a war
쏟아지는 햇살보다 더 눈부시던 너
You shined brighter than the pouring sun
난 얼어버린 채 너의 오로라에 빠져들었지
I froze and was smothered in your aura.
너의 곁을 맴돌며 또 하루 지나고
Another day passed as I roamed around you
넌 나를 모른다 해도 늘 네 곁에 있어
Even if you don’t know me, I’m always by your side.
I want you, I wanna hold you
오직 원해왔던 건 오늘은 널 안는 것
All I want is to hold you today.
But why don’t you wanna hold me?
단 한번만이라도 따스함을 내게
Just once give me your warmth.
오후의 나른함에 그 노래 들으며
That drowsy afternoon, listening to that song
작은 너라는 하늘을 닮은 섬을 그렸지
I drew an island that resembles the sky called little you.
너의 눈 마주치면 다 들킬 것 같아
I’ll feel like you’ll know everything if we catch eyes.
아무렇지 않은 듯 벌써 몇 번이나 돌아섰는지
I’ve already turned away from you so many times like it’s nothing.


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