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Broadcasted on Nov.30.12

YOJO: Could you explain about the meaning of PIA?
YOHAN: PIA is Chinese character You PI and Me A. so it means You&I, Us and Universe.

YOJO: It contains quite serious meanings. PIA is organized in 1998 in Bussan. Is it right?
KIBUM: YOHAN on vocal, HULLANG on guitar and I were from Bussan. We came to Seoul in 2000, and met SIMZ who didn’t come today and HYE SEUNG. Now, PIA has been continuing band for over 10 years.

YOJO: That means SIMZ and HYE SEUNG are not came from Bussan?
HYE SEUNG: Yes, you’re right.

YOJO: Where are you from, then?

YOJO: Oh, Seoul. How could you guys met in Bussan? Are you guys were friend each other?
YOHAN: Yeah, we were like… drinking pals. At that time, we were belonging to different bands. But…after the army services had done, we started up band PIA.

YOJO: YOHAN, I hope this question do not make you feel bad…well…when you sing a song…how can I say…that scratched voice?
YOHAN: Yeah, Screaming.

YOJO: Where those kinds of voice come from? Because…If I sang that kind of song because I’d wanted to follow it, I had a frog stuck in my throat.
YOHAN: That’s why I always have a frog stuck in my throat. I make a sound by pushing the throat so it’s hard to be normal.

YOJO: But you can keep making that kind of sound? That means it is being cared anyway.
YOHAN: There are many singers who have been singing over 10 years. I’ve been screaming over 10 years so…

YOJO: There is something unexplainable thing?
YOHAN: Yeah, I’d been following popular band’s vocal for a long time so…I don’t know how it works. Anyway, I think it needs to be cared as I’m getting old.
KIBUM: I’ve seen YOHAN gave a lesson before. There wasn’t band sound. When I’ve heard the lesson outside suddenly quack! Then a little voice and then doing quack, quack, quack…oh, it was awful.
PIA: Hahaha~

YOJO: There are many fans who shout HYE SEUNG, your name in the concert hall.
PIA: Hahaha~
HYE SEUNG: Yeah, I feel like it’s increased then before I think. (Laugh)
YOHAN: Just one or two People…
HYE SEUNG: After TOP BAND2 broadcasted, a number of new fans are increased.

YOJO: I’m curious about the portion of male and female who come your concert.
YOHAN: About…7:3?

YOJO: Men are 7?
KIBUM: NO, women are 7.
YOHAN: Usually, popular band’s fans are women but I think we have many male fans then other bands.
HULLANG: In the past, like 10 years ago when we performed…it was 8:2. Male fans were 8.
YOHAN: They disappeared suddenly and nowadays, they…
HULLANG: Yeah…They’re showing up again.

YOJO: Personally, Many female fans come to concert hall is better then many male fans come, right?
PIA: (Pose……) Hahahaha~

YOJO: I got it. Yeah, I got it. Hahaha~ the magazine ‘Sound’ chooses HYE SEUNG as one of the Korean drummer TOP10.

YOJO: HYE SEUNG and SIMZ made project team ‘OAIII&OAIII’. Will ‘OAIII&OAIII’ release album?
HYE SEUNG: We are preparing it but PIA doesn’t give any time so we couldn’t perform for a year.

YOJO: Why you guys didn’t give time?
YOHAN: Not like…we didn’t give time. Even though we give time, they look like…they don’t do it.
HYE SEUNG: Hahaha~ honestly, what he said is true.

YOJO: I had so much fun conversation with PIA but it’s time to be end. I don’t know you guys also have a good time?
YOHAN: It was fun.
HULLANG: I enjoyed.
YOJO: Thanks.
PIA: (Laugh)

YOJO: Thank you for appearance today and thanks to tell us good stories.
PIA: Thank you too.

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