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Posted by on June 3, 2014 in band news, site updates, staff updates | 0 comments

Hello ^ ^ This is Fai.

You might have noticed the severe lack of info, updates and news.. actually, we haven’t updated since earlier this year or so from what I can remember. We have been inactive enough for our readers to wonder if the site is dead or if we’ve given up. I want to clarify by saying we have NOT given up on the site. All of the site’s admins are busy with our lives, but Pia definitely remains a big part of us.

Speaking personally, I want to reboot the site’s activities very, very soon, even if it means only posting fancams and twitter updates. Pia’s western fanbase may be scattered and quiet for the most part, but I want to make sure we reach as many of those fans as we can. Some of the band members even know that we exist! Giving them encouragement and energy through our dedication will officially be the goal of Piacore.

It will take a while unless someone decides to volunteer, but we’re going to work on making the our layout more pleasing to eyes as well as modern.

Please have patience in us. Soon you’ll be gifted with an all new Piacore. ♥

I’d also like to add that last weekend, Pia preformed at this year’s Greenplugged festival and rocked it. The talented Gray Nabi captured their set in nice quality – check out their performance of Black Fish Swim ^ ^

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