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[Radio] Arirang Sound K

Posted by on December 21, 2012 in media | 0 comments

[Materials from ‘SooJin Koo’ from Korea]
– Broadcated on Dec.6th

DJ Sian: Say hello to ‘Sound K’ listener!

KIBUM, HULLANG, SIMZ: Hi, nice to meet you.

DJ Sian: I heard the tickets! Your concert tickets are all sold out within 3 mins! How do you feel about that?

SIMZ: Feel so good. I feel like I’m on cloud nine! We’re preparing to blow the roof of concert on that day. We try to meet their anticipation.

DJ Sian: What is the concept of concert?

KIBUM: Well, Usually in PIA’s concert we perform our song and we tried to show you something which we didn’t show in usual days.

DJ Sian: It is the end of year. It’s the Christmas season. So, what are you guys will do with this Christmas season and at the end of the year?

KIBUM: In my case, Christmas Eve is my birthday. But we’ve been holding concert for 5 years. I did concert on 24th and 25th. After performance on 24th…we usually supposed to drink alcohol but I went to Gym to workout. There were 3 people in there and they look at each other like…What a pity you are…Are you also come to exercise on Christmas day? Like that…You freak…hahaha~

DJ Sian: What about this year then?

KIBUM: This Christmas we also have concert. So I’ll be on stage but I like it I really enjoy it. But my age head to 30 so that’s sad.

DJ Sian: But actually I know the fact that you’re over 30 now. You’ve already enjoyed your thirties! Haha~

KIBUM: Hahaha~ I’ll have a great time since next year. (He keeps insisting he’s not over 30)

DJ Sian: There is a member who can speak Japanese. KIBUM you are good at Japanese, right?

KIBUM: Yes, I studied a little bit.

DJ Sian: Oh~ what made you start to learn Japanese?

KIBUM: At first, I subscribed the magazine which was supposed to be received for a year but it was fraud. I tried to call them but they’d already run away so I couldn’t touch with them.

DJ Sian: Didn’t you get any issue then?

KIBUM: Yes, I got the magazine. But I paid around 670 dollars but after I knew those were just 67 dollars. They already ran away. I thought what I should do with this…Okay let just study it anyway I bought it. So I’d learned Japanese by myself.

DJ Sian: Oh~ but I knew that there is a personal reason why you learned Japanese…

KIBUM: Personal reason? Um…my wife is Korean-Japanese so other people think I can speak Japanese because of that but actually we use Korean because she can speak Korean very well.

SIMZ: Actually he’s really good at Japanese so when we go tour to Japan, KIBUM comments everything without interpreter.

KIBUM: I don’t give an answer what they want. I just say what I want to say. Haha~

DJ Sian: It a question from Korea, it says HULLANG you recently mention that we have plans to go to China soon or later for performance. As a winner of TOP BAND2 is there any plan for you guys to go overseas or release albums not only in Japan but else where in other countries?

HULLANG: Album? We released our 4th album and EP album in Japan. But there wasn’t responding…

SIMZ: Hahaha~

HULLANG: If the chance comes and our company agrees then we want to release album in abroad. And if we go to China tour, I heard it takes 3 years. There was a suggestion that’s true but it’ not an easy thing that we can make a decision within a short time. So, we’re considering about that. It hasn’t been settled yet.

DJ Sian: Now, we are gonna listen the song ‘Yes, you are.’ What is this song about?

SIMZ: This is title song in our latest album ‘Pentagram’ It says about the springtime of life. There is our youthful day’s story about tears, remorse, love and everything.

DJ Sian: We have lots of massages coming in from all over the world and there is a question from Austria. It says, Hi DJ Sian I got to know PIA while I’m watching MAMA 2012. That performance was very good! How was it like to performance MAMA? I also wish the PIA is the best in the music industry. Fighting!

SIMZ: It was very fun. There is very famous Hong Kong movie ‘Youngwoongbonsag’. We arranged one song of that movie’s sound track as rock version because MAMA was held in Hong Kong. It was very memorable experience.

DJ Sian: We have a massage from Christingirl from the Philippines. It says to PIA I really love your music. What do you think is the reason you have been loved by so many fans?

KIBUM: Are those massages really from all over the world?

DJ Sian: Of course! We are not making those. Haha~ It’s really came from Philippines!

KIBUM: Haha~ it’s interesting…we are not perfect…each of members has a defect. We are sometimes like…freak…but our fans find that we are…kind of sparkling on a stage so I think that’s why fans like us…we have those…two opposite aspects…

DJ Sian: We have a question from Korea. It says hi! You are the best band in Korea. I think your popularity is because of your old fans how do you plan to repay your fan’s love?

HULLANG: When we won at TOP BAND2. Many fans came to the studio and supported us a lot so we made 2nd EP album. 3 songs are already released through online.

SIMZ: We are musicians so we wanted to repay fan’s love through the song. There is other way that we can repay their love…like hug…but the music is the best way I think. So we made the album as a present to our fans. It must be good if all the songs are released all together but Michel Jackson’s songs they remake have publishing contract problem so we couldn’t release those 2 songs even though all record work is done. Fortunately, today! Those 2 songs are allowed to be released. So we are going to start preparing those again and we’ll publish it ASAP for fans as a present.

DJ Sian: New song ‘Make my day’ is made for the fans. So do you have the most unforgettable fans?

SIMZ: Unforgettable fans…there are a lot. Most of fans remain in a good memory but in this case, it’s broadcast so I usually talk about fan that was very weird. He was a…kind of old man. He tried to kidnap YOHAN on vocal because his wish was this. If BOA and PIA make project group then they can conquer all over the world. BOA and we didn’t work together anyway but he tried to kidnap YOHAN.


SIMZ: Yes, PIBOA. I think he is still wishing that.

DJ Sian: Dose he still keep touch with you? Like text…or…

SIMZ: No, he suddenly disappeared.

HULLANG: Texting means…he knows our phone number?

DJ Sian: Yeah, It could be happened. Like…there are Idol fans that…find out what their number and call them or text them….

HULLANG: Ah~ we are not like that… (Popular)…hahaha~

DJ Sian: And another question, they won TOP BAND2. So what has changed before and after this?

KIBUM: Nothing has been changed much. Well, little more performances and more broadcasts…Basically, not big changes there but I can say…some people who didn’t know us or just knew name PIA come to the concert or performance are the biggest change.

DJ Sian: I’ve been noticed that you’ve been cooperating Dupstep in to the rearrangement to the TOP BAND2. He feels curious you guys will use Dupstep in your music continuously.

SIMZ: Actually…Um…there is a member who doesn’t like Dupstep so I don’t know we’ll keep use it or not. But TOP BAND was the audition program so we needed something powerful sound at that time. So we used it and at that time the responds were quite good. So we used Dupstep on our new song ‘Make my day’. I’m not sure we’ll use it continuously. But if the sound is good we‘re gonna use it again but we don’t have a plan to use Dupstep as our weapon or something.

DJ Sian: We only left last song ‘Ride Auto bike by Guitar’ what this songs about?

KIBUM: This is song by Sanulim. I couldn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics why they ride auto bike by guitar? But we decided to do this song as a competition song…I recorded it at the first part of it. I confused because of the pronunciation. Auto or Audo…

SIMZ: I think it needs to be accepted as a literally expression at time they pronounced it ‘Audo by’ So ‘Audo by’ is correct.

DJ Sian: Unfortunately, this is all the time we have. Thanks to appearance ‘Sound K’ Thank you.

PIA: Thank you, too.

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