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Urban Explorer

[1st EP] Urban Explorer – 2008.07.17

1. Urban Explorer
[난 날 수 없는 날개를 가진 철부지 내게 내일 따윈 없지]
I am a kid with wings that can’t fly. There is no such thing as a tomorrow for me.
[하지만 날 가둔 이 순간 네게 난 너무 치명적이지]
But this moment that confines me. I am too fatal for you.

You need to think about how to live in this country.
What do you think? We’re urban explorer.

[넌 알 수 없는 말의 거짓말쟁이 네게 우리란 없지]
You are a liar with unknowable words. There is no such thing as us for you.
[하지만 난 널 먹진 않아 내게 넌 너무 치명적이지]
But I do not eat you. You are too fatal for me.

Cause I don’t know what I’m doing cause I’m dying.
Yes, you right. I know.

[이것이 전부는 아냐]
This isn’t everything.

But I don’t know you at all. It’s all done so you’re wrong.
You’re wrong.

[난 네 것이 아냐]
I am not yours at all.

[난 다시 이 곳 그늘 아래 태어난 빛을 쫓는 나그네]
I am a wanderer, chasing the light that’s been reborn under this shade

[이 아름다움을 가장한 도시 속에 비가 되어 내리네]
It turns into rain and falls in this city that disguises under beauty

You wanna know what happened here or maybe you don’t want to.
You should tell me cause we’re gonna explode.

2. Misconstrued
Coming soon!

3. Silver
Coming soon!

4. Save Us
Coming soon!

5. Go! Just Go!
Coming soon!

6. The Oracle (Swan Remix)
Coming soon!

7. B.F.S (Butterfly Remix)
Coming soon!

All lyrics © Yohan Ok and Pia. All translations © Baby Gee. Please do not reproduce without permission or credit.