Name: Lee Jaewoong (이재웅)
Stage name: Hullang (헐랭)
Fan names: Lang (랭), Woong (웅)
Birth place: Busan, South Korea
Lunar birth date: June 16, 1976
Height: 182cm
Blood type: AB
Part: Guitar
Favorite musicians: ?

■Hullang recently worked with Kim Jaejoong on his new rock album.
■Along with SimZ, Hullang composed PIA’s immensely popular song Soyongdori (소용돌이).
■Back in Busan, Hullang was originally a member of the thrash metal band called C.O.B. which was a rival band to Yohan’s death metal band Sleep in Pain. They were introduced by Rainy Sun guitarist Nimmy Kim.
■Hullang celebrates his lunar birthday instead of his Western birthday.
■When he was in C.O.B. he was considered one of Busan’s most prospective thrash metal guitarists.
■Hullang has a tattoo of Freddy Kreuger on his right arm.
■He is the tallest member of PIA.