Name: Noh Shimji (노심지)
Stage name: SimZ (심지)
Fan names: Hongdae Yeoshin (홍대 여신), Yeoshin (여신), Ssamji (쌈지), Suimji (싐지)
Birth place: Achasan, Seoul, South Korea
Birth date: April 16, 1980
Height: 175cm
Blood type: O
Part: FX (piano/keyboards, samples, turntables, etc.), composition, mixing, backing guitars (during recording)
Favorite musicians: The Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan, Michael Jackson, ELLEGARDEN, Nell, Owl City, Oasis, IDIOTAPE, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, SHINee

■SimZ is also involved in an electronica side project called oAiii & oAiii with Hyeseung.
■He also plays guitar and bass guitar and does re-arrangements of popular KPop songs (he has rearranged 2NE1’s I am the Best and SISTAR’s We Never Go Alone).
■SimZ is known for his antics onstage which include, but are not limited to: dancing, climbing on his equipment, flailing around, and being harassed by Yohan.
■He loves art and photography. He can often be seen taking pictures of the fans after concerts and he posts his artwork to his Cyworld and his photographs to his Twitter fairly regularly.
■He has composed a large amount of PIA’s music with the other two largest contributors being Kibum and Yohan.
■Yohan has said that although he has a lot of sway over the band as the creative leader, he considers the real band leader to be SimZ.
■For a long time, he was the only member of PIA who didn’t smoke. Kibum and Yohan have also quit in recent years.
■SimZ has 5 earrings in his ears: two in the right and three in the left. He also has a piercing scar from a labret piercing.
■He wears neon lime green nail polish on his left hand.
■Because of his long hair and his slender form, he is often mistaken for a girl.