hihihi! Good news! Exiting news! The new song’s releasing days is set! June 27th! It will be opened on the every music websites ㅠㅠ ChCheChe Shakitiboomboom!

Pia is going to release the new song (Working title: Rage against the feign illness) on the middle of the June. Check it out everybody!

Pia will appear the first episode of MNET’s new program ‘Band’s Generation’. So we are preparing for the first recording which will go on May 6th. Give it up for Pia! And come and watch our performance, if you can come. Details are on Pia’s Official Daum Café and! Check-it!

It’s been a long time!
We are going to start a full scale action of 2013 starting as ‘Rock Springs’ on Mar. 27.
See you there!

[Posted on Mar 13th at 12:54PM]
Pia will release new song on Mar. 19th 2013
As of that day Pia will begin the performances again!
Please, looking forward to it!

[Posted on Jan 27th at 4:18AM]
Let’s watch this! The road movie ‘Daedongdangyeol: I know what you did last year.’ which is edited by evil’s hands what were taken during Taiwan tour. by @ATMOSIMZ

[Posted on Jan 29th at 9:44 and 9:45 AM]
Last night, I met the one who has been supporting Pia since our beginning and also her fiancé at the Boracay seashore by accident. At first, we opposed against each other but soon we talked and drank beer a lot without regard to time.
I paid it cause I have extraordinary nature, we have words about it though. I’ve always thought of showing my appreciation in other way except music. So God give me a piece of naughty mischief to repay it.

[Posted on Jan 21th at 10:17AM]
Q. There are many fans who shout HYE SEUNG, your name eagerly in the concert hall.
HYE SEUNG: Yeah, I feel like fans are increased then before…After TOP BAND2 broadcasted, it seems like a number of new fans are increased.

[Posted on Jan 14th at 10:17AM]

The boy who had wanted to be a matroos became a Pia’s guitarist Hullang.

[Posted on Jan 19th at 3:18AM]

Somewhat(?) cute Pia members whose average age is 35.

[Posted on Jan 19th at 6:18PM]
HULLANG: We want to introduce our music as much as we can through the performance and broadcast.
The last guitar part of title song ‘Yes you are’ is touched up softly. I hope many people can enjoy our songs not only mania fans.

[Posted on Jan 12th at 12:18PM]

Five boys became somebody’s dream.

[Posted on Jan 17th at 9:13AM]
HULLANG is gonna come here (Thailand) with first flight to beat this bitch.
He is also gonna beat Band Nell who is staying in the northern area. This is warriors’ way.

[Posted on Jan 4th at 6:18PM]
KIBUM: Why don’t you guys shout my name?!
KIBUM: Oh, yeah. Thanks guys. Now, shut up!
(At A.B.B.D)

[Posted on Jan 6th at 6:18AM]
YOHAN: When I was young. I wanted to definite the genre of our songs. But nowadays listeners definite what the genre is.
SIMZ: Sometimes we define our songs as Angle Rock.
(At Bling)

[Posted on Jan 6th at 3:18PM]
Q: You introduce PIA as Band of love, Why is it?
SIMZ: We did mean it because it’s ironical and sounds cute. Honestly we just started it for fun. But I like that expression so much.

[Posted on Jan 13th at 3:18AM]


[Posted on Jan 8th at 9:18AM]
SIMZ; HULLANG hardly let people know his name. I knew his name 6 months later then I joined this team. One day I went to HULLANG’s house and his mom said, ‘OONG~’. So at that moment, I thought ‘OONG?’ Who does she call?

[Posted on December 18th at 12:18PM]
What is Rock for PIA?
YANG; It’s Ice-cream cause I like it the most.

[Posted on December 23rd at 7:29PM]
More important “Check it” news!
You can only listen our Michael Jackson covers “Black or White” and “Beat it” on the CD version of the EP!
It won’t be available online! Check it out!

[Posted on December 23rd at 7:25PM]
Important “Check it” news!
The EP album which will be released tomorrow will not be sold on regular online shops.
You can buy it on “Interpark”, “11th Avenue”, “Oction”, “yes24″, and “G Market”!
Also, it’s only available for purchase offline at the concert hall.